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2011-03-25 19:12:33 by RxKing

I find it really weird that every time I make a new song, it becomes my new favouite song I've made. Anyone else have that feeling?

Working on a new one right now, and I'm hoping you'll get to hear it soon!

Happy New Year!

2010-12-31 21:00:44 by RxKing

Happy New Year everyone!
I love you to pieces, thanks for all the love you've shown back my way in '10!
Have a good one tonight!

New Song: Awe!

2010-12-14 17:56:56 by RxKing

I just posted a little something I whipped up in all the madness that is the month of December. Any other student out there knows how crazy it can get at this time! Good luck on any exams/assignments/projects/papers!

Stay sexy,

Metroid: Coven

2010-10-08 03:15:31 by RxKing

Hey sports-fans!
I've recently joined up with the Metroid: Coven team as their audio engineer/composer!
This is a SICK looking, top-down Metroid fan-game; I'm stoked to be a part of this. Make sure you head over to our website and check the game out and say hi!
Much love,


2010-08-20 00:46:54 by RxKing

Finally finished Silent Hill 2.
Bricks were shat.

Inspired to make some creepy ambient. Stay tuned!


2010-08-02 03:01:59 by RxKing

Wake up, go to class, learn about music.
Come home, hop on FL, make some music.
Pass out while reading books about music.

Life's awesome.